The Packaging Review.How much can TEOL save you?

Stretch Film Optimization

How much can TEOL save you? Let’s do the numbers.


What is the packaging review?

Packaging review is a free of charge evaluation of stretch film wrapping process by TEOL, in order to identify areas for improvement such as:


What are the benefits?

Packaging review helps your company optimize and reduce packaging material with no need of additional contract fees, fast and easy. Packaging review


Case study

Α beverage manufacturer has approached TEOL with the need of increasing pallet stability without compromising current costs.We have proceed with packaging review together with personnel of plant and managed to identify improvements in wrapping pattern (number of wraps bottom, middle, top), sharpness of carton interlayers and load holding forces (how strong film holds the goods on pallet).   Additionally and thanks to proper adjustment of wrapping equipment, as well as the molecular structure of MAX 15, we were able to decrease film weight on pallet (grams/pallet) by 37% and cost to wrap the pallet by 20%. After trials we moved ahead with the ‘4-steps guarantee savings program’ that makes savings actual in a clearly documented and risk free way packaging_review-4packaging_review-3

About us

The End of Line TEOL is a leading supplier of end-of-line (transporting) packaging materials, equipment and services, representing exclusively several of the top European manufacturers such as: MJ Maillis Group, Plastotecnica,Trioplast and Siat. We help companies who want stable pallets at minimum cost by having: Complete range - Power, multilayers, pre-stretch, blown and fiber films.Semi & auto stretch film wrapping machines. Experience - Working in stretch film optimization since 2006. Procedures - Required for success (EDD, 4-Steps, Cascade)

Unlike outdated companies that are still selling standard films and/or newcomers on the field of stretch film optimization we provide the latest packaging solutions based on your needs. See how much you can save by comparing old and new stretch film material


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