BRANOperl / Siliconized paper / Materials


Siliconized paper


Product description & applications

BRANOperl prevents materials from sticking to each other (release effect), adhering to surfaces and is heat resistant. Suitable for temperatures of up to 220oC. All paper can be produced with a customized printing. Customized printing offers the ideal advertising space for company names, products and instructions for use. It is used in the composites industry to facilitate production (e.g. with thermal pressing of laminates etc); in the medical sector as an intermediate layer for self-adhesive dressing materials (e.g. for feminine hygiene products); in printing industry as a transfer paper in silk screen printing and tampon processes; in office supplies release paper for household foil, labels and stickers; in technical sectors as an intermediate layer for liquid bitumen, for lining moulds, as release paper for the production of rubber and raw rubber etc; in textile printing as transfer paper and release paper for thermal fixing etc; in film printing as release paper etc; in the plastics industry as transfer paper for hot adhesives etc.


  • Wide range of applications
  • Represents no health hazard