Steel strapping cutter for heavy duty applications / Materials

Steel Strapping Cutter Heavy Duty

Strap cutters for steel strap heavy duty applications


Product description & applications

For a safe opening of steel strapping one should use special steel strapping cutters particularly designed for this purpose. These cutters have a special feature which holds down the strap so that cutting it does not result in uncontrollable flipping around of the strapping endangering people and goods. This cutter is suitable for steel strap up to max. 50×1,65 mm and heavy duty steel strapping. The long levers aid in cutting the steel strap without effort. The cutter may be turned, so the cutting output doubles. Due to a very flat foot the cutter fit even under close-fitting straps for cutting

Key features

  • For strap up to 50mm width and 1.65mm thickness
  • Suitable for heavy duty applications
  • Long levers make cutting effortless